The platform is a stage platform that can be varied seamlessly in height by exchanging the plug-in feet or telescopic legs ... More

Scissor leg platforms

Scissor leg platforms

The scissor stand platform with foldout scissor structure. The height adjustment is easily handled using the ... More

Motorized platforms

Motorised platforms

ERGO | drive, the motorised, height adjustable
scissor stand platform in the floor
reduction ... More

Scaffold platforms

Scaffolding platforms

The innovative and unique stage platform
system ERGO | Lay can be optimally
combined with the ... More

Frame stages

Stage frames

The frame of a special notch profile
is particularly stable and with holes
in each ... More

Progress in perfection designed according to the latest safety policies.

There are three types of stage elements in the mobile platform system area:
• the platform
• the telescopic leg platform
• the scissor leg platform

In essence, the platforms and stage elements differ with their support mechanisms and areas of application: Open-air events, theaters, studios, community and multi-purpose halls, trade fair and industrial buildings, catering establishments, circus companies, fashion events, hotels etc.