simply. better.

2M (Deutschland) GmbH is a modern company with a successful past, dynamic future and a fixed key role in the European market. Over 30 years of industry experience and management, represented by Graduate Engineer Peter Mettler, and a promising future by the second management generation, represented by Graduate Engineer Dirk Mettler, guarantee compliance with the corporate philosophy:

simply. better.  

We continuously invest in the development of our products and our own know-how, therefore our most important principles include:

- 0-error strategy despite constant innovation

This claim and the 100% satisfaction of our customers are at the centre of our thinking.

"Our corporate networking ensures the fastest possible processing and our logistics the shortest delivery times. This structure secures that we meet your schedule and our quality requirements – guaranteed!"

Dirk Mettler
Managing Director 2M (Germany) GmbH

Environmental protection is an essential part of enterprise policy.

Environmental protection is an essential part of corporate policy for the responsible and environmentally conscious company 2M GmbH. We have therefore implemented an environmental management system that improves our environmental performance over and above the statutory requirements. And so we will do justice to our own claim to treat the environment responsibly, as well as that of our children.

It is our duty to reconcile corporate development with environmental protection. That is why all staff and suppliers are included in the initiatives and efforts involving environmental protection.

Environmental protection is not a stand-alone business objective, but rather our duty. The environmental compatibility is another quality feature of our products. A perfect logistic networking and use of the best technologies available at the site bring about a reduction in environmental pollution.

All employees of 2M form a GREEN team and are committed to observe the following environmental policy: 

  • to continuously reduce the environmental impact through the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and contribute to the achievement of environmentally friendly techniques that observe the rules,
  • all business decisions are reviewed from the viewpoints of environmental compatibility,
  • we work openly in all environmental matters with our suppliers and the authorities,
  • the production is designed to conserve resources as much as possible,
  • unavoidable environmental effects are kept to the lowest possible level.

Good to know: 

Aluminium, an important part of our products, has some very specific characteristics that make the metal into a "Green Metal". Aluminium is endlessly reusable. At the end of their usable life, aluminium articles can be recycled without compromising on quality. Due to the low energy consumption of the new re-melting of scrap for re-usable pins, the environmental performance of aluminium throughout its lifetime is very good and much better than that of steel. 

In addition, aluminium is a lightweight metal that is corrosion-resistant and therefore durable. Aluminium has a very good strength / weight ratio.

Dirk Mettler, Managing Director
Gennadij Leven, environmental protection officer