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Stage roofs & trusses

No matter if you are planning a trade fair booth or a festival stage: 2M will have the solution for your project. Our trusses are perfect for stabilizing your stage construction or for fixing spotlights, curtains and decoration. We also offer numerous roofs for outdoor stages – e.g. semi-circular roofs, pitch roofs or saddle roofs. Contact us!


2-point truss

The compact 2-point truss with two strap pipes is perfectly suitable as curtain track or for the installing of lighter spotlights.

3-point truss

The 3-point truss is often used in trade fair construction as decorative truss and enables also special constructions such as circles for installing spotlights.

4-point truss

The 4-point trusses are the most common type of truss as they can carry the biggest loads due to their high mechanical stability.  This type of truss is mostly used for the construction of ground supports or stage roofs.


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Semi-circular roof

This classic roof construction for open-air and festival stages is available in different sizes up to a height of 5,90 metres. The truss roof is made of aluminum and due to a robust canvas, it provides protection against the weather for the people on stage as well as the stage technology. Moreover, spotlights and speakers can be installed.

Pitch roof

Due to the flexible system construction method pitch roofs are suitable for event technology as well as for weather protection for stages used during commercial or private events. This cost-efficient roof alternative is easy to set up and provides numerous construction possibilities.

Saddle roof

Saddle roofs are also available in different sizes and can be realised for a stage surface of 120 square metres. The modular system is easy to install and can be customised by choosing colours for roof canvas, side and back canvas. Thanks to the flexible truss construction saddle roofs by 2M allow for numerous constructions.

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