Handicapped accessible stage for new building in Hamburg

After constructing a new building for the Professional Media School Hamburg Wandsbek, the consortium "ARGE Bau BSH", consisting of the Ed. Züblin AG and the Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH, hired 2M to construct a mobile stage with a handicapped accessible ramp.

The platform systems ERGO|trend and ERGO|one were used. The ERGO|one system has the advantage that rails can be screwed to the stage from the top wherever needed. This ensures optimal stability and safety. The ramp constructed from platforms meets all properties required for a handicapped accessible ramp:

• incline of ramp in public area at most 6%
• clear width of 120 cm
• for a stage height of 60 cm, a ramp with length 10 m
• rest area after max. 6 m
• 10 cm high wheel rails and hand rail on both sides.