Landtag of Düsseldorf

Completion on time, also for special sizes and shapes, and the innovative control were decisive in the awarding for the order to 2M. The ellipse-shaped stage podium was precisely slotted into the floor and fits ideally in the modern photograph backdrop in the Landtag of Düsseldorf’s Visitors' Centre. At the press of a button, the podium noiselessly raises the speaker so that he or she can be seen clearly, even in the back row.


  • Motor output: 2 x at 1.1 KW
    • Static load: 5.0 KN/m²
    • Dynamic load: 1t
    • Lifting speed: 30 mm/s
    • No. of rigid chains: 4 x
    • Serapaid LinkLift 30

In this video you can experience the lifting podium moving in the Landtag of Düsseldorf.