Langenberg Historical Townhouse

I believe this is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful places we have ever played at“. (Max Mutzke, 29.04.2016).

The monumental, castle-like stone building can look back on an eventful century. 2M replaced the cumbersome, outdated, hydraulic lifting technology with state-of-the-art rigid chain technology, setting the course for a thrilling future with many exciting events.


Thanks to state-of-the-art 2M technology, our podium moves in the background without producing noise and ensures that the actors can act in the foreground without being interrupted. The podium can be adjusted to different heights:

  • Storage area
    • Auditorium level
    • Stage floor


  • Motor capacity 31 KW
    • Lifting speed 50mm/s
    • Static load 7.5 KN/m²
    • Dynamic load 8 t
    • Number of rigid chains 4 (LinkLift100)
    • 4 point hoists in the apron area to place the high-quality acoustic system
    • 15 chain hoists that can be moved individually or synchronously