A good product with security.

2M stands for TÜV-tested products and regularly monitored production.

2M stands for TÜV-tested products and regularly monitored production. Each ERGO series 2M stage platform is manufactured in our certified production facility in Ratingen and tested according to the latest standards and guidelines by TÜV.

The basis is the TÜV-applied test programme EK5 / AK1 11-01.1: 2012 (M 02/14), taking into account the following standards:

  • DIN EN 13814: 2005-06 Loads
  • DIN 15920-1: 2011-11 Platform types
  • DIN 15920-2: 2011-11 Safety requirements for platform types
  • DIN 1055-3: 2006-03 Effects on support structures
  • BGV-C1 from 1 April 1998 stages and studios
  • VStättV Assembly Ordinance
  • DIN 4113-1: 1980-05 Aluminium constructions for predominantly static loading
  • DIN 4102 (Parts 1 and 2) Fire behaviour of building materials

Our goal is quality leadership in this industry. For this, we refer all employees of our company to the process of continuous quality improvement. The 2M manufacturing facility is tested annually and certified by TÜV-Nord, for example - an important prerequisite for us for quality at the highest level. But this can only be a component because the quality standard we place upon ourselves must be extended to all areas of the company: Management, products, development, production, services, employees, qualification ...
Therefore we continually ask both our customers and our employees about their satisfaction with the company, its products and services. The results are used by management for continual optimisation. This works at 2M as part of processes, in which each step is defined and monitored. Through clear representation and mutual information, we create transparency in temporal sequences and factual contexts and analytically examine all functionalities in order to respond immediately in case of deviations from the norm.