Multi-functional ERGO|lift stage for MULTIMAX

As part of the redesign of the entire Karl Kübel school, a new building was constructed in the campus center which houses the cafeteria and the MULTIMAX (multi-functional auditorium).

2M erected a just as multi-functional stage for this MULTIMAX. The 32 m² ERGO lift stage has many benefits:

Whether as stage, grandstand, or at the hall floor level, the ideal situation can be created by quickly adjusting the height depending on the type of event.


Facts in brief:

- platform system: stationary platform ERGO lift

- dimensions of platforms: 2m x 1m

- joint distance between elements: 4mm

- necessary groove depth: 160-200mm

- lifting height above hall floor: 800 mm

- load capacity: 750 Kg/m²

- carrier plate: 20 mm thick multiplex plate with linoleum layer