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Rock 'n' Roll

The events are becoming ever-more spectacular, the show more and more elaborate - lighting, sound and stage equipment must be coordinated. With the 2M - "Rock & Roll”, you decide when and especially where your stage is set up. With light stage platforms as a carrier plate, you get a large-scale tour stage that can be moved in the hortest possible time and with minimum manpower to the desired location with little effort and minimal force.

Stage carriages

Stage carriages in the size of 2 x 2 m, which are connected with push-through beams, form the basic framework of the mobile moving stage.

2M pedestal boards

With 2M pedestal boards, large-scale stage sizes can be played on are obtained with little effort and minimum effort.

Connection profile

The complete construction consists of easy-to-use aluminium profile pipes. A perfectly designed connection profile gives the operator the opportunity to set up stage surfaces in the shortest possible time without annoying accessories.

Individual rastering

The basic height is 1.20 m and can be increased to a final height of 1.80 m. The grid is set according to your wishes.

Easy disassembly

Particularly smooth-running, high-strength wheels, which were specially manufactured for the 2M roller coaster, enable the platform surface to be moved with a small number of auxiliaries. The complete system can be easily dismantled by inexperienced personnel and stored in stackable containers.

Minimal space requirement

Minimal space requirement enables cost-effective transport and storage.



Technical data

Product category

Rolling stages




2 x 2 m per block


98 kg per block

Backing plate thickness

12 mm

Frame height

90 mm

Adjustment range

1.2 to 1.8 m

Horizontal test load

1/10 of the vertical test load

Vertical test load

8.5 kN/m2 (867 kg/m2)

Horizontal traffic load

1/10 of the vertical traffic load

Vertical traffic load

5.0 kN/m2 (510 kg/m2)

Max. stage height

83.3 cm bis 400 cm above the hall floor


DIN 13814, 4112, 1055, 15921


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