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Understage machinery

Theatre and opera shows are characterised by a stage dynamic interaction. The stories are told by means of scenery, curtains, movable stage designs and superstructures. These are controlled via the understage machinery, which is located below the stage floor. Together with the overstage machinery and the stage floor it is part of the stage technology providing numerous possibilities.

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What is an understage machinery?

The so-called understage is located below the stage floor mostly providing a lot of space for moving scenery parts or actors up on stage or down below the stage. This is realised through the understage machinery. Complete stage sets, superstructures or people can be lowered down or moved up on to the stage. For this purpose, there are special openings in the stage floor. Especially trained stage technicians are responsible for controlling these changes of scenery precisely by means of a technical drive. Below the stage floor there is often a lot of space for different systems such as stage trolleys, mobile platforms, hoisting or revolving stages. In theatres, the equipment can be lowered down to three metres, in opera houses often down to eleven metres below the stage. The big advantages of these technical components are that the stage area can be changed in all three dimensions at the push of a button. Also, complete sceneries and decoration elements can be moved without much effort. Many directors include the numerous technical possibilities provided by their understage machinery in order to support the show in certain parts or surprise the audience.

Safe and invisible: The most important aspects of an understage machinery

Are you looking for a technical equipment for your understage in order to store and control mobile devices such as hoisting platforms or revolving discs? For selecting the suitable understage machinery the safety of the technical components is particularly important. Apart from customer satisfaction this is our top priority at 2M. All our products and our manufacturing plants are regularly reviewed and certified according to the current TÜV guidelines. In addition to that it is particularly important for event organisers that the technical equipment can be stored easily and invisibly. Furthermore, the controlling of technical devices is to be automatically and interference-free. As the understage cannot be seen by the audience the controlling of the understage machinery will not be noticed. Thus, moving up scenery or actors from below the stage can be included in the show or even cause some special effects. Thanks to its different technical functions the understage machinery can be used for supporting the scene on stage. No matter which technical equipment you require for your stage, 2M provides everything you need for your understage machinery.

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