Volkswagen loves 2M

Volkswagen also does not leave anything to chance in its PR and relies on vehicle platforms by 2M.

The 2M car presentation platforms are suitable for vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

No struts, no unnecessary bracing, easy and quick to assemble by two persons. (max. 2 hours)

The continuous height adjustment makes it possible to use the vehicle platform even on the most adverse ground properties.

The specially developed surface pursuant to DIN 4102 A1 is weather resistant and indestructible even in the most extreme conditions.

The highly effective protection consists of dual hardened acrylic-polyurethane resins and has the following properties:

- scratch resistant

- impact resistant EN ISO 178

- easy to clean

- highly weather resistant pursuant to EN ISO 4892-2, hail, snow, and frost-proof and thus suitable for all exterior applications

- frost-proof -80°C to 180°C (DMTA- OFI 300.128)

- heat-proof -80°C to 180°C (DMTA- OFI 300.128)

Built-in platform lights let you see the vehicle in the right light. The vehicle is powered with electricity from a bottom tank.

2M transforms functional constructions into eye-catchers.