The stage platform for stationary, permanent installation with outstanding capabilities! Screwed to the subsurface below ground level and levelled out, the ERGO crosslift creates a flat surface up to a height of 1.40 m. Thanks to the 8 gas springs, the height of the system can be adjusted easily. Conclusion: This platform saves on space, time and human resources, and it’s also convenient and better for your back. All in all, it is the perfect solution for your stages or stands.


Supporting structure

A combination of an aluminium profile construction and a steel Y-shaped scissor construction. High-quality die-cast zinc parts for a durable unit that operates smoothly.

A pit depth of less than 18 cm is required.

Levelling capability enables a the platform to be installed flush to the hall floor.

Lifting support

With support from 8 gas springs, a pulling force of 8 kg per person is all that is needed to move this stationary platform from the zero position (flush with the ground) to the desired platform height.


When intended for indoor use, this stage platform is fitted with a multiplex board as standard.

Our comprehensive range of surfaces also includes parquet flooring, carpet, PVC or grating. If you would like a special surface for your platform, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Area of use

When not in use, the ERGO crosslift is lowered into the hall floor. The platform board is also covered with high-quality parquet flooring. The stage area can be expanded in a matter of seconds as required.

Height settings

Height settings: Up to 130 cm above the hall floor; grating is available upon customer request.



Support from gas springs, which make the process of moving the system into position very easy with little force required

Height adjustment tool incl. locking mechanism

Lifting assistance mechanism with gas springs to assist the process of moving the system into position

Technical data

Product category

Platforms with scissor legs




2 m x 1 m

Special size possible



105 kg

Backing plate thickness

From 14 mm

Frame height

93 mm

Pit depth

160 - 200 mm

Horizontal test load

1/10 of the vertical test load

Vertical test load

8.5 kN/m2 (867 kg/m2)

Horizontal traffic load

1/10 of the vertical traffic load

Vertical traffic load

5.0 kN/m2 (510 kg/m2)

Max. stage height

140 cm above the hall floor

TÜV certificate

DIN 13814, 4112, 1055, 15921

Individual surfaces

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TÜV certified

Every 2M stage platform from the ERGO series is manufactured in our certified production facility in Ratingen and tested by the TÜV in accordance with the latest standards and directives.

Contact persons

i.V. Andre Nölle

Sales manager

i.V. Gerrit Pape

Project manager