The scissor leg platform with motorised height adjustment in the dimensions 2.0 m x 1.0 m, 2.50 m x 1.0 m and 3.0 m x 1.0 m and with a lift height of 150 cm. With an installation depth of just 200 mm, the platforms are installed lower than the level of the hall floor and sit flush with the floor when in the zero position. Saves on space and manpower needed, convenient and offers back-friendly height adjustment – these are just some of the attributes that make choosing this motorised platform a no-brainer.


ERGO drive Box

The ERGO drive Box – a rigid chain drive developed especially for 2M with an attached Stab geared motor – is the heart of this system.


The system can be controlled using the touch panel or using the conventional RJ45 control.


Brake and sensor power 54 W, rated voltage 24 V, 3,000 rpm.

Die-cast zinc glide shoes

High-quality die-cats zinc glide shoes travel into the specified positions with pinpoint accuracy.

Aluminium profile rails

Two aluminium profile rails with latching holes arranged parallel to one another guarantee that the system locks into place securely and operates almost silently.

Latching mechanism

The latching mechanism uses spring pins with integrated Bowden cables.

Release mechanism

The release mechanism for the locking pins uses 24 V electric lift cylinders positioned at each end of the frame.

Height settings

All height settings are carried out by an incremental encoder and can be tailored to your requirements.


Platform surface of your choice and in any style you like.



The height adjustment mechanism of the ERGO drive uses a rigid chain drive that was specially developed for 2M. The rigid chain is fed into a designated magazine, enabling an installation height of under 200 mm.

The platform moves to the positions specified by customers using 4 high-quality die-cast zinc glide shoes, which travel inside the aluminium profile practically silently.

The set positions are locked in place via 2 24 V DC electric lift cylinders with a lifting force of 340 N.

Technical data

Product category

Motorised platforms




2 m x 1 m, 2.5 x 1 m and 3 x 1 m

Special size possible



100 kg

Backing plate thickness

From 14 mm

Frame height

85 mm

Pit depth

175 - 200 mm

Horizontal test load

1/10 of the vertical test load

Vertical test load

8.5 kN/m2 (867 kg/m2)

Horizontal traffic load

1/10 of the vertical traffic load

Vertical traffic load

5.0 kN/m2 (510 kg/m2)

Max. stage height

83.3 cm; 116 cm; 133.3 cm above the hall floor

TÜV certificate

DIN 13814, 4112, 1055, 15921

Individual surfaces

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Projects with ERGO drive

TÜV certified

Every 2M stage platform from the ERGO series is manufactured in our certified production facility in Ratingen and tested by the TÜV in accordance with the latest standards and directives.

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Sales manager

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Project manager