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Stationary stands

Customised stationary stands such as our stage platform ERGO|lift provides numerous advantages for event organisers. Forget the effort needed for transport, set-up and disassembly of "normal" stages. Our stationary stands can be adjusted to the desired height with few staff and can be stored flush with the floor - flexible, comfortable and ergonomic

Telescopic stands

Simple and functional. It only takes two people to move 2M stands in the most common sizes and you don’t need any special skills! All you need are tie rods. One-person operation is also possible: We supply a push-pull trolley powered by an electric motor for this purpose. For larger 2M stands, we offer an affordable electric drive system, which does not take up any additional space and is not associated with additional construction-related requirements. All that is needed is a power supply. The motors are protected against overloading. Electrically driven systems can also be delivered with a mechanism that allows the user to switch to manual operation.

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